About Lightbeast

David Glicksman was born during the last gasp of the 1970s to an artist and a world-renowned art curator. As the World Wide Web era began, he cut his teeth on hand-coding websites and creating digital art and animation. Out of college, David followed a circuitous, years-long path to a career as a freelance animator in the motion graphics and film industries. He spends his free time inventing inscrutable devices in his garage and using his homebrewed CNC router to create artwork that blends his background in fine art with generative data sets and cutting-edge interactive technology. In 2010, David created Applied Esoterics, an umbrella corporation to disseminate his artistic output. In 2013 he helped create Aurora with Electroland, Inc., believed to be the world’s largest, permanently installed video sculpture. After ten years of freelancing, David has taken a full time position as Lead Creative Technologist at VSquared Labs.

Moses Journey was brought up in a deeply artistic household and began his creative pursuits at an early age. By the end of high school, in the early days of the Internet as we know it, he had built several websites, worked as a technical adviser for professional artists, and presented twice at Siggraph. After graduating from UCLA’s Design|Media Arts department in 2002 he dove head-first into the budding field of motion graphics. Journey worked as a freelance animator for several years before becoming an art director at the boutique motion graphics studio National Television in 2006. Following another stint as a freelancer, he took a staff position at the acclaimed design and animation firm, Buck, in 2010, and now works there as an animation director.

David and Journey co-founded Lightbeast in 2012. As Lightbeast, David and Journey build innovative experiences. Our tools are ingenuity, curiosity, and an insatiable desire to transform real places into imaginary ones.

Contact: contact@lightbeast.net